Internationale Messen und Veranstaltungen

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DWA is not only active in Germany, but also in various projects around the world.

One big field DWA contributes in, are international fairs for water, wastewater and waste.

Next to the two big German fairs, IFAT Munich and Water Berlin International, which each take place every other year, DWA participates in the local IFAT editions, as well as the IE expo, which take place in India, South Africa, China and Turkey. Next to the participation in the conference programs, as well as the German Pavilion, DWA organizes the so-called University Challenges in Germany and abroad. To ensure that every person around the world has access to save sanitary facilities, qualified staff is needed to execute all necessary action points. Something, which DWA aims to help with by supporting young talents in terms of training and providing them with a suitable platform to do networking. Next to the University Challenge, DWA also organizes the Water Skills, as well as helped train Patrick Gundert for his participation in the World Skills, which took place in Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore, DWA offers the training “Introduction to the German Water Sector” twice per year. The seminar aims to provide all relevant basic knowledge on the German water sector. It is a well-balanced mix between theoretical knowledge and practical exercised, as well as expeditions.  


Review: IE expo 2018

  • May 03.-05. 2018, Shanghai/ China


Review: IFAT Munich 2018

  • May 14.-18. 2018, Munich/ Germany


IFAT India 2018

  • October 15.-17. 2018, Mumbai/ India


DWA-Training: The German Water Sector

  • January 20.-23. 2019, Hennef/ Germany


IFAT Eurasia 2019

  • Spring 2019, Istanbul/ Turkey


IFAT Africa 2019

  • 2019, Johannesburg/ South Africa


DWA-Training: The German Water Sector

  • Summer 2019, Hennef/ Germany


Water Technology Training Camp

  • April 23. - 26. 2019, Stuttgart/ Germany