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Trench Protection and Pipe Installation

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The most common method utilized worldwide for pipeline installation is the open cut method. This is especially true for gravity pipelines. While, at first glance, the open cut method seems to be a „simple“ construction method, it becomes highly complex when used in urban areas and at large depths.


Course Contents

PART I: Trench Protection

  • Pipeline Trench Construction
  • Trench -without Support System
  • Trench -with Support System
  • Trench Shoring Systems
  • Trench Shoring Installation
  • Trench Shoring Installation Methods
  • Trench Drainage

PART II: Pipe Installation

  • Pipe Installation and Alignment
  • Lifting Systems
  • Jointing
  • Trench Backfilling and Compaction
  • Pipeline Embedment and Installation
  • Removal of Shoring
  • Hydraulically Bound Backfill (Flowable Fill)
  • Optimised Installation Methods
  • Compaction Test

Net Learning Time

approx. 3 days


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Participation fee

This course is free of charge.


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