Berichte von vergangenen Stammtischen

Berichte von vergangenen Stammtischen der DWA

24 July 2020

24 July 2020: Pilot - The JungeDWA goes international

The DWA is a leading organisation of the national water sector in Germany and has high stakes internationally.

The JungeDWA is a collection of DWA’s young members connecting the experts of tomorrow. With the existence of already 23 regional roundtables (so called “Stammtische”), hundreds of young water professionals (YWP), such as students and practitioners, have already established a permanent and sustainable national network.

With the objective to further personal and professional growth by uniting YWP globally, the first “International Roundtable” kicked off as a digital get-together on 24 July. Held in English language, JungeDWA members as well as non-members participated at the invitation of the two initiators Philippe Ader and Jens Jensen.

As the first guest speaker of the newly established event series, Rüdiger Heidebrecht (Department of International Cooperation and Education, DWA) provided the over 30 participants with insights on DWA's international work and his very own experiences. In addition, Rüdiger Heidebrecht presented career opportunities for those who are interested in playing a part in worldwide development services.

With further events coming up soon, more information will follow shortly.

Keen to participate? Would you like to suggest a theme or guest speaker for future events? Get in touch and send us an email:

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